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Free Bangla Book: WordPress For Web Developers By Stephanie Leary

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WordPress For Web Developers

By Stephanie Leary

Category: WordPress

WordPress became my CMS of choice because it's so easy for end users to learn how to manage their own sites. In this book, you'll learn how to install, configure, and customize WordPress to make it the perfect CMS for your next project. I'll walk you through the complete development of a WordPress site, whether you're importing content from another CMS or writing your own. You'll learn how to create custom themes that give you complete control over your site's appearance. You'll see how to extend WordPress with custom post types when you find that posts and pages aren't enough, and you'll learn to write your own plugins when your needs outstrip the built-in features.

Who This Book Is For
This book is for the professional web developer who already understands HTML, CSS, and maybe a little PHP, but has never used WordPress before. If you're comfortable building sites without a content management system, or with a CMS other than WordPress, this book will teach you how to begin building comparable sites using WordPress.

How This Book Is Structured
I've arranged this book into three parts.

Chapters 1 through 7 provide an introduction to WordPress and a detailed tour of its administration screens. Along the way, you'll also learn about various plugins that might be helpful in specific situations. No particular expertise is needed in these chapters; they are intended to be useful to all site owners and administrators.
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Chapters 8 through 10 cover more advanced administration functions involving server configurations and database operations.

Chapters 11 through 14 provide an introduction to WordPress theme and plugin development. Here, some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP is required. You'll also see a few MySQL queries, but you won't need to write any of your own to follow the examples. Each chapter's introduction includes a list of the specific technical topics that will be relevant, along with a list of books and online resources you can use to brush up on the subjects, if needed. Chapters 11 through 14 end with a list of articles for further reading on each subject.


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