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Free Bangla Book: Social Media For Wordpress By Michael Kuhlmann

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Social Media For Wordpress

By Michael Kuhlmann

Category: WordPress

Discover the fundamentals, misconceptions and basic implementations of social media as well as WordPress features to drive more site engagement. Create group forums using bbPress and BuddyPress, while automatically publishing WordPress posts to Twitter using RSS feeds. Incorporate memberships and make category-specific content restrictions applicable only to non-members. Implement Google Analytics to tracking your social media efforts and learn how to automatically email analytical reports. Easily maintain your site by automatically backing up your site and publishing posts via email. Automatically post tweets, so you can spend more time on genuine dialogues and less time on producing relevant tweets. Produce QR codes for your print collateral so you can improve the accessibility of the relationships you've built online.


Publisher: Packt Publishing
By: Michael Kuhlmann


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