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Free Bangla Book: WordPress Theme Development, 3rd Edition By Rachel McCollin And Tessa Blackeley Silver

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WordPress Theme Development, 3rd Edition

By Rachel McCollin And Tessa Blackeley Silver

Category: WordPress

WordPress has evolved significantly since the last edition of this book. It's now recognized as much more than a blogging platform, and is the Content Management System (CMS) powering 22 percent of the world's websites.

You may have used WordPress to build a site or two, perhaps using themes you've downloaded from the WordPress theme repository, bought from a theme vendor, or come with a theme framework. But if you want more control over your themes, you're going to have to build you own.

These are the cornerstones of WordPress. Without them, WordPress sites just wouldn't work. In this book, you'll learn how to take a design you create using static HTML and CSS and turn that into a great WordPress theme. You'll create the template files your theme needs and add extra functionality such as widgets and featured image support. We'll also cover how to validate and debug your theme and how to release it to other developers.

By the end of this book you'll have built a fully functional WordPress theme and you'll have the skills you need to build more, either for yourself or your clients.


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