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Free Bangla Book: Drug Stability For Pharmaceutical Scientists By Thorsteinn Loftsson

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Drug Stability For Pharmaceutical Scientists

By Thorsteinn Loftsson

Category: Medical, Health And Nutrition

Drug Stability for Pharmaceutical Scientists is a clear and easy-to-follow guide on drug degradation in pharmaceutical formulation. This book features valuable content on both aqueous and solid drug solutions, the stability of proteins and peptides, acid-base catalyzed and solvent catalyzed reactions, how drug formulation can influence drug stability, the influence of external factors on reaction rates and much more.

Full of examples of real-life formulation problems and step-by-step calculations, this book is the ideal resource for graduate students, as well as scientists in the pharmaceutical and related industries. It illustrates important theoretical concepts with numerous examples, figures, calculations, learning problems and questions for self-study and retention of material.

It provides answers and explanations to test your knowledge. It enables you to better understand key concepts such as rate and order of reaction, reaction equilibrium, complex reaction mechanisms and more. It includes an in-depth discussion of both aqueous and solid drug solutions and contains the latest international regulatory requirements on drug stability.


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