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Free Bangla Book: Sananda [15-03-2014] HQ By Others

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Sananda [15-03-2014] HQ

By Others

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Bangla Magazine Sananda [15-03-2014]. Sananda Is A Bengali Magazine Published By Ananda Publishers From Kolkata, India. The Magazine Is A Women's Magazine. The Periodocal Is Usually Published On 15th And 30th Of Every Month. Sananda Started In Mid-1980s, And Was Edited By Aparna Sen. However, The Editorial Board Has Now Been Changed.
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What to Do When Your Boss Is Younger Than You

By Catherine Conlan
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There are always going to be challenges associated with generational differences in the workplace, but some people find dealing with a younger boss to be especially difficult. If you’re older than your boss, here are some things you should keep in mind.

Show Some Respect
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While it can be easy to think, “my kids are younger than you” or “before you were even born, we…” Throckmorton says if you show respect for your boss, you’ll get it in return.

Be Flexible and Cooperative
Keeping an open mind and staying flexible about how things get done at the office are important when there’s an age difference between you and your boss, says Paul Bernard of Paul Bernard and Associates. “For example, you may be used to a lot of face-to-face meeting time, but your boss may prefer to handle a lot of his communications via text or instant messenger,” he says.

“Don't balk at this -- you'll come across as stubborn and old-fashioned. Instead, try to align yourself as best you can with your boss's management style. You might find that there are some real advantages to doing things differently.”

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Do you love your spouse? How does your spouse know you love them? Maybe you tell them every day. Maybe every time you go separate ways your last words are “I love you.” And you probably do love them and vice versa. What if the words you say, don’t necessarily spell love for your spouse?

An article I recently read on Your Tango discusses two behaviors which lead to a healthy and loving relationship. One of which is knowing your spouse’s love language.

The Five Love Languages is a book by Dr. Gary Chapman, which discusses five different ways people express and receive love. The words I love you should be expressed in some way. But when they are expressed they may not be received as love. You do it because you love your spouse, but your spouse may never interpret it that way.

No matter what your love language is, or what your spouse’s love language is, the important thing is to take action. Show your love in action. I’ve shared 25 love actions below, broken down into the five love languages.