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Biography : Rakib Hasan

Rakib Hasan is a Bangladeshi detective story writer. He is the creator of the Teen Goenda (Three Detectives) series of juvenile detective novels, published by Sheba Prokashoni. He was born in Comilla.

He completed his SSC and HSC from Feni and BSC from Adamji Cantonment College. Before writing thriller and detective stories, he was associated with many other works. He worked as the assistant editor of the magazine `Rohossho Potrika'. In 1977, he met Sheikh Abdul Hakim and went to Sheba Prokashoni. Qazi Anwar Hussain inspired him.

Rakib Hasan may be called the translator of Tin Goenda, but not the creator.The 'Tin Goenda' series originates from The Three Investigators series by Robert Arthur, Jr.. In those Tin Goenda stories where there's a character called "Georgina Parker", it's actually not taken from Three Investigators series. It's from the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton. The first five or six books in the series are based on books by Robert Arthur, Jr.

Adaptation and Translation
Hasan has adapted more than 150 books and translated nearly 30. He also translated the `Tarzan' series and the `Arabian Nights'. His wrote his first book under a pen name and his first translated work was Dracula. He wrote Uronto Saucer, a book about flying saucers. His best known work is Vin Groher Manush (The Aliens), a composition of many short stories about the evidence of aliens landing on the earth.

Although most of his works are translations of famous detective and thriller stories in English, he must be credited for taking out these stories to the Bengali youth, most of whom would have never been able to read them if they haden't been translated.

Teen Goenda
Tin Goyenda is a very popular and one of the most famous series of juvenile detective novels published in Bangladesh by Sheba Prokashoni. It is actually a Bengali remake of the famous English series The Three Investigators by Robert Arthur. Rakib Hassan started this famous series and later Shamsuddin Nawab took over from him. The Tin Goyenda series is a subseries of Kishore Thriller (Juvenile Thriller) series of Sheba Prokashoni. Apart from Tin Goyenda, Kishore Thriller Adventure is another sub-series.

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