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Biography : Kazi Mahbub Hussain

Kazi Mahbub Hussain was the youngest son of National Philosopher Kazi Motahar Hussain. One of the youngest of eleven siblings, Mahbub grew up in an abundance of cultural and literary richness. His father was one of the closest friends to Kazi Nazrul Islam, the Revolutionary Poet. In his younger years, he won the National Tennis Championship.

Writers in his family include Zobaida Mirza, his oldest sister, Sanjida Khatun, 5th sister, Fahmida Khatun, 6th sister as well as his nephews Partho Tanvir Naved, Kazi Maymur Hussain and Kazi Shahnur Hussain.

The singers in his family include his sisters Sanjida Khatun, Fahmida Khatun and Mahmuda Khatun; and Sanjida Khatun's children Partho Tanvir Naved and Apala Farhad Naved. The style of music they specialize in is Rabindra Shangeet, songs written by Rabindranath Thakur (more widely popular as Rabindranath Tagore).

As a mining engineer, Mahbub Hussain travelled in many countries. He was in Texas, the main land of western literature for many years also lived in London for 15 years. Later in life he translated and authored some of the first Western Novels in Bengali with Sheba Prokashoni, a publication founded by his older brother Kazi Anwar Hussain.

At first he used to a pen name. Later, he wrote `Aleyar Piche', the first western novel of Bangladesh. He also wrote some horror stories, science fictions and translated many other books.

- Aleyar Piche
- Patoki
- Roktakto Khamar
- Jolonto Pahar
- Manush Shikar
- Vaggochokro-1
- Vaggochokro-2
- Ar Kotodur
- Badhon
- Rider
- Epith Opith
- Abar Erfan
- Rupantor
- Death City
- Buno Poschim
- Lasor Fash
- Luttoraj
- Apomrittu
- Cowboy
- Gunfight
- Dabanol-1
- Dabanol-2
- Beloroya Poschim
- Chokranto
- King Colt
- Mrittur Mukhe Erfan
- Arizonay Erfan
- Nisthur Paschim
- Roktoranga Trail

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