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Biography : Anisul Hoque

Anisul Hoque (আনিসুল হক; born March 4, 1965) is a Bangladeshi screenwriter, novelist, dramatist and journalist.

Early life
Anisul Hoque was born in Rangpur in 1965. His father was Mofazzal Hoque. His mother is Mst Anwara Begum. He was the student of Rangpur PTI primary school. He passed SSC exam from Rangpur Zilla School in 1981 and HSC exam from Rangpur Carmichael College in 1983. Hoque graduated from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), trained as a civil engineer.

His inspiration in journalism and writing started during his student life. After his graduation he joined to serve as a government employee but resigned only after 15 days. Instead he started working as a journalist. He attended the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa in 2010. Currently, Hoque is working as an Associate Editor of a Bengali language daily Prothom Alo.

Personal life
Hoque is married to Marina Yasmin. They have a daughter, Padya Paramita.

Literary works

- Khola Chithi Sundarer Kachhe
- Jalrang Padya
- Asale Ayur Cheye Baro Shaadh Tar Akash Dekhar
- Tomake Bhabna Kori
- Tomake Na Paoar Kabita (2013) by Prothoma

- Kheya (The Ferryboat) (1996)
- Fand (Trap) (1997)
- Bristibondhu (The Rain Friend) (1997)
- Amar Ekta Dukhkho Achhe (I have a Sorrow) (1999)
- Se (The Person) (2002)
- Maa (Mother) (2003) ISBN 984-458-422-1 [2]
- Abar Tora Kipte Ho ISBN 984-458-455-8
- Dushwapner Jatri (2006) ISBN 984-458-532-5
- Khuda o Bhalobashar Galpo
- Nandini (2006) ISBN 984-437-341-7
- Alo Andhokare Jai (2007)
- Dhukhpari Shukhpari (Fairy of Sadness Fairy of Happiness)
- Trap (translated from Bangla to English by Inam Ahmed, published by Indian Age, ISBN 819-069-563-0)

Television drama
- Ekannoborti
- Choruibhati
- Naal Piran (Red Shirt)
- Korimon Bewa
- Ghure Daranor Swapno
- 69
- No Man's Land
- Nikhoj Shongbad
- Radio Chocolate 69.0 FM

Filmography/Script writer
- Bachelor, 2004 [3]
- Made in Bangladesh (directed by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki)
- Third Person Singular Number
- Swapnodanay (On the Wings of Dreams) (2007)
- Television (film) (2013) with director Mostofa Sarwar Farooki

- Bangla Academy Award (2011) [1]
- CitiBank Ananda Alo Award for Best Novel (2009)
- Khalekdad Chowdhury Literature Award 1415
- Television, a film script jointly written by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki and Anisul Hoque, has received Asian Cinema Fund (script development), provided by South Korea's Pusan Film Festival
- Euro Shishu Shahitya Award (2006)
- BACHSAS Award for Best Sreenplay
- TENASINAS Award for Best Screenplay

Few Books of Anisul Hoque
পড়শি যদি আমায় ছুতো- Porshi Jodi Amay Chuto
Abar Tora Kipte ho
All Books of Anisul Hoque
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Show Some Respect
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Be Flexible and Cooperative
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Remember Age Is Just a Number
An age difference can be a distraction, so try not to focus on it, says Kelly Hadous of Win The Room. “Don't pay attention to your boss's age! Age doesn't matter as long as your boss provides good leadership and strong guidance, and brings passion and motivation into the company and the team. Ride along with your boss; if you share the same willingness to grow the company and move the team forward, everything will just be fine, and age won't matter.

No matter how old your boss is, it’s important to ensure you’re on the same page, and that requires clear communication. “Early on set a time to speak with your younger boss regarding expectations, style, and role clarity,” says Scott Span of Tolero Solutions. “Ask their preferred way of communication and delivery of requirements. Boomers and Millennials need to continue to dialogue, build trust, to put stereotypes to rest to maximize performance."

Focus on the Organization
You and your boss are a team, and you’re working to help build your department, division or company. “Keep focused on the vision of the company or division for which you're working, and praise alignment,” says business coach Wayne Pernell. “You get more of what you focus on and being focused on a bigger picture can interrupt the internal monologue stemming from generational differences.”

Be Sensitive
It can be hard to avoid holding forth with the wisdom you’ve accumulated over the years, but you should try. “Refrain from behaviors that drive younger generations crazy,” says Tammy Hughes, CEO of Claire Raines Associates and international speaker and consultant on generational issues. “Avoid comparing your manager to your son or daughter. Don’t act like a know-it-all. Nip cynicism and sarcasm in the bud.”